Are You Doing Your MMS Right?
May 26, 2021
Are You Doing Your MMS Right?

First things first – we are referring to Mobile Marketing Strategy and not something forbidden!

So your mobile phone is you.

Your mobile phone is often a reflection of your entire persona, bits and pieces of which you sprinkle in your notes application, Pinterest boards, search history and tweets. Technology has progressed to the extent that you can fossilise a miniature version of yourself behind a screen. Imagine how much data and insight your phone contains, and conflate that with the frequency of you unlocking your phone. Each day, you access your fleeting searches and silliest memories in pixels. And that’s revolutionary.

Why are we not catching on, then? Many businesses and marketing agencies in India make the blunder of not optimising their online presence for mobile phones. They do not even have a mobile marketing strategy in place. Yes, the consumer can access your website. Ask yourself, though- would you rather shop on the Amazon website or the mobile phone application? Would you prefer Amazon to Flipkart if the former was not phone-friendly? Add to your answers a bite-sized fact that’ll change your perception of mobile phone marketing- about 70% of all online searches materialise into actions (say, payment on a shopping website) within one hour- that’s huge.

Now that we have destigmatised mobile marketing let’s help you devise your mobile marketing strategy.

The Smaller, the Better

The leading proponents of an efficient mobile marketing strategy lie in the cell phone’s physical design- compact, on-the-go, and easy to use.

  • Present your information in small capsules and segments.
  • Provide to-the-point, specific information. You can do this by shortening titles and headlines, omitting redundant information and breaking your sentences. Searches on mobile phones are usually more targeted because the consumer, a digital citizen, is highly informed. 
  • Use infographics to condense text and increase readability.
  • Generate QR codes for quick access. Remember, the user does not merely appreciate mobility- they despise inefficiency.

Personalise Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile phones are handy and cut across age and gender divides. Most importantly, your mobile phone is personalised. The user expects the same personalisation in your online presence.

  • Use ‘you’ while conveying information to develop a connection with your website/app visitor.
  • The tonality should be conversational, informal, yet trusting and informative. You can use brand mascots and characters to this end.
  • Tell a story to evoke your consumer’s emotions.
  • Encourage engagement on social media via campaigns.

Individualise Information

You take personalisation up a notch each time you individualise the information you share on your online presence. During your online interaction with the consumer, use your data to present information that you know the consumer is likely to need. Remember, there are shared contexts among everyone who visits your website/mobile phone app. Recognise and make use of them. Swear by  SEO for mobiles.

Develop a Mobile Phone App

Mobile phone applications are obviously optimised for a smaller display. Apart from that, they are-

  • Accessible
  • Smoother
  • User-friendly
  • In plain sight

As a result, your consumer tends to visit your business more often. You can also directly send app notifications to the user, which helps them remember that your business exists.

Remember, your consumer’s nose is already buried in their mobile screen.

You need to pick it.

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