BRAND COMES FIRST- Use Social Media to Boost Your Brand
June 11, 2021
BRAND COMES FIRST- Use Social Media to Boost Your Brand

The world of social media changes every day. The nuances of social media branding also, consequently, change. In such a volatile industry, some key aspects remain consistent. PixelRush has compiled a few pointers for you.

Take a look if you want to create a meaningful social media presence for your brand.

Build a Consistent Image

The first step to brand building is remaining consistent in your online presence. By consistency, we refer to standardisation in your image, tone, voice and opinions throughout. Different social media platforms indeed entail different aesthetics. Moreover, they also cater to different demographics. The genre of content on LinkedIn is different from that on Instagram. Still, you should be perceived similarly across all social media platforms. Your social media branding begins with-

Having the same profile picture on all social media platforms.

Featuring the same bio or business description everywhere.

Sticking to a predetermined colour palette/font style in all your visual content.

Maintaining your style of communication irrespective of the nature of information you choose to disseminate.

Humanise Your Brand Building Exercises

It is undeniable that automation makes social media use and engagement easier. Scheduling posts, sticking to set reply formats, using third-party applications to automate engagement all make your social media experience more convenient. At the same time, it is a common understanding that enterprises should remain strictly ‘professional’ in their web presence. However, you should also endeavour to humanise your interactions with your audience. You don’t need to remain prim and proper to make sure your brand is perceived as being ‘polished’.

Try these things:

Curating replies related to feedback and grievance redressal.

Posting heartfelt, erroneous, funny, emotional (just human, really) behind-the-scenes footage from your offices or workstation.

Conducting Instagram Live sessions to interact with your audience on a one-on-one basis.

Curate According to Platform

We have established that different social media platforms respond better to different kinds of content. Your content should be optimised accordingly. It may seem exciting to experiment in this regard- and it's okay to do that once in a while. Yet, the truth is that the audience on a specific platform is conditioned to respond better to the mainstream content there.

Stick to shorter, bite-sized content on Twitter. You can post updates as headlines or witty jokes.

Use Instagram to create your brand's visual/aesthetic identity. Pictures perform well here. Reels can be used for product launches, trend bandwagoning and the like.

Establish your industry expertise, and share your insights and work culture on LinkedIn.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

Booming engagement for a few weeks means nothing if you disappear from the face of social media for a month. Your social media management company should post consistently and in a timely fashion. Scheduling actively helps brands achieve this end. Now, this does not mean active spamming across all social media platforms. It also does not mean that the number of your posts should be the same across all platforms. Posting on YouTube once or twice a week is fine, while you can post on Twitter even multiple times a day. Optimise your schedule according to the available workforce, your platform of choice and upcoming special occasions.

Social media is vast and ever-increasing. These tips and tricks are just the beginning of your brand building journey. You may need industry expertise in this niche. Your content needs to be targeted, researched and, well, suave.

 PixelRush will create just that for you.

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