How Media Buying Helps to Connect with Your Ideal Audience
May 26, 2021
How Media Buying Helps to Connect with Your Ideal Audience

Have you ever wondered how to make it to those gigantic billboards that dot the Bombay skyline? Find radio advertisements annoying, yet can't seem to stop humming them? Is there a movie theatre advertisement that caught your eye once (and forever)?

If you pay attention, you will realise that there have been some long-standing marketing campaigns that consumers look forward to- take the iconic Amul cartoons. Another outstanding example is Dermi Cool, with its unique place in our collective memory. The Dermi Cool jingle has been so superimposing that it signifies the onset of Indian summers for many.

Think about it. A song about talcum powder has changed people’s emotional relationship with predictable natural phenomena. Brilliant, right?

Media buying is a subtle yet hardcore, so to say, way of getting the word out. It stays. What exactly is this marketing strategy that allows brands to penetrate everyday life this deep, though?

The Dummy’s Guide to Media Buying

Media buying lets you be seen and heard at the lowest possible costs. It is a prime example of paid marketing. Advertisement space is bought and remains with the media buying agency for a short period. 'Space' includes billboards, classifieds, TV commercial slots, social media advertisements, and the like. Over this duration, advertisements and promotional activities are launched by the agency after careful media planning.

Media Buying Vs. Independent Digital Marketing

Now we know this seems kind of old school. Who even promotes on billboards in the era of social media and independent digital marketing, right?

Wrong. What differentiates media buying from digital advertising is market expertise. With experience and heritage value, media buying brings valuable insights and trusted marketing tactics to your agency. It predicts audience response. Combined with solid networks, this can boost your campaign outreach drastically.

On the other hand, independent digital marketing can be perceived by the target audience to be pretty sketchy. A sponsored advertisement on Instagram gives a brand much more legitimacy than its official (unverified) page. Moreover, media buying lets you build on an existing audience. You don't have to start from scratch, even to scratch the surface.

Save Those Bills, Thank Those Billboards

Media Buying is cost-efficient. The market is open to bargains and negotiations, so you can hope to save some extra resources there. Your media buyer (the individual brokering all deals with the advertisement vendor/ media owner) might also get you extra time in an advertising space of your choice. Long-term relationships in business are appreciated in this space, so focus on building networks. They may materialise into concessions in the future.

Democratise Your Audience

Billboards, radio broadcasts, television commercials, and newspaper advertisements are excellent ways to increase your market segment's scope. They are accessible to all. More importantly, they are relatable to almost all, irrespective of background- And marketing is all about reliability.

If you want to be talked about, consider media buying. One can vilify this marketing tactic; one can romanticise it. One cannot, though, ignore it- and that’s some food for thought.

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