What Makes a Landing Page Stand Out?
May 11, 2021
What Makes a Landing Page Stand Out?

You know what they say about first impressions- they’re always the last. Basically, they last.

Your landing page can form the first interaction between you and your customer in many cases. You need to ensure your landing page is meaningful and customer-friendly. Only then can you boost your conversion rates.

Here’s some valuable industry insight on how you can do that.

Flaunt Testimonials

Social Proof works wonders. To maximise conversion rates, your landing page should directly urge the customer to make that purchase or avail of that amazing service you are offering. They need proof of concept while making this critical consumer decision. When they hear recommendations directly from the horse’s mouth, potential customers are more likely to do what you want them to do. Most often, when your customers visit your website, they do not go specifically looking for testimonials. Considering this, dedicating a separate page for reviews, partners, or logos does not help your case. The best landing page makes customers believe and trust the enterprise.

SEO for the Best Landing Page

Fundamental though this piece of advice is, it is pertinent. To get the word out, you need to show up in those searches. To do this, you must think like the customer, predict their searches and curate your content accordingly. Sounds like an oversimplification? That really is SEO in a nutshell for you. To date, Search Engine Optimisation remains one of the top concerns of most big-shot marketing agencies. Your team should be well aware of SEO practices if you want your conversion rates to shoot for the moon.

Limit Choices and Effort from the Customer’s End

Given the amount of information available out there, decision fatigue is a reality for the average internet user. We fill forms, see products, form opinions, interact and dodge advertisements all the time. Your landing page should neither feel intimidating nor too text-heavy to the user. Simplicity is key.

Your call-to-action should be short, crisp and direct. It should convey the point while urging the consumer to make a favourable decision.

Your headline should ideally contain action words. Your choice of the word reflects what awaits your customer in their interaction with your enterprise. Unravel, change, explore are all excellent options.

Use shorter forms. Ask for less information, omitting any that may be absolutely unnecessary. Postpone some for later. Make sure your customer’s experience is as short and convenient as possible.

Limit scrolling length in favour of a short, to-the-point webpage.

Clean, Simple Landing Page Design

The cleaner your landing page design, the higher your conversion rate. Again, the customer appreciates and expects ease. A minimal, polished design gives you an automatic push. As visual creatures, we make decisions in seconds based on what we see and whether we like it or not.

  • Use high quality, big pictures. Make sure they convey the intent and vibe of your product or service.
  • Making use of directional cues is quite helpful too. Your arrows should point at important links and buttons.
  • Display only relevant information on your landing page, that too, in a single go. Avoid carousel slides.

Boosting those conversion rates can be pretty tricky at times. There's just so much competition out there.  Many enterprises are owning this game. At the same time, there isn't a shortage of opinions on this matter.  As a marketing agency in India, how do you filter uninformed opinions while optimising for success?

Think PixelRush.

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